Security Guidelines for Passengers

Hassle-Free Security Tips

Pre-board Screening

What to expect at the Search Points:

• Show your boarding pass or e-ticket to the Security Staff
• Disclose any personal needs you may have due to a medical condition, disability, religious or cultural consideration, or other special needs.
• Place carry-on items (i.e. purse, coat, hat) in the plastic bin provided.
• Laptop computers and gaming consoles should be taken out of their carrying cases and placed in a plastic bin.
• Proceed through the metal detector archway
• Remember to take all of your belongings with you when leaving the pre-board screening checkpoint area.

Passengers Arrival at Security Search Points

• Show your Valid Ticket & Identification

Passengers should have adequate time to check baggage and move through security Points. On the late arrival of passenger, Security staff will not be responsible for delay.


• Please remove all animals from their carrying cases and send the case through the X-ray machine. Hold your pet in your arms and proceed through the metal detector.


• Take infants and children out of baby carriers and strollers and take them through the metal detector. • Strollers and baby carriers will go through the X-ray machine with your bags.

Think Before You Speak

• Belligerent behavior, inappropriate jokes and threats will not be tolerated. They will result in delays and possibly missing flight departures.


• Undeveloped film should go in carry-on bags. Passengers will be able to declare film that is faster than 1000-speed to Airports Security Force (ASF) for physical inspection to avoid being X-rayed.

When in Doubt, Leave it Out

Unsure if an item is prohibited or not? Travelers should place such items in their checked (Hold) baggage.

Electronics Items

When Possible, do not Pack Oversized Electronics full-size Video Game Consoles, DVD Players and Video Cameras that use Cassettes) in Checked Baggage.

However, please be advised that these items must be removed from carry-on bags and put these separately in plastic baskets for X-ray screening.

Declare Larger Liquids

Medications, baby formula, food, and milk are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces (100ml) and are not required to be in the zip-top bag.

Hidden Disabilities

Persons with a hidden disability can, if they choose, advise Security Officers that they have a hidden disability and may need some assistance, or need to move a bit slower than others.

If you have implanted medical device, that you would like to remain private and confidential, ask the Security Officer to please be discreet when assisting you through the screening process.


  1. Insulin and insulin loaded dispensing products (vials or box of individual vials, jet injectors, biojectors, epipens, infusers, and preloaded syringes;
  2. Unlimited number of unused syringes when accompanied by insulin or other injectable medication;
  3. Lancets, blood glucose meters, blood glucose meter test strips, alcohol swabs, meter-testing solutions;
  4. Insulin pump and insulin pump supplies (cleaning agents, batteries, plastic tubing, infusion kit, catheter, and needle); Insulin pumps and supplies must be accompanied by insulin.
  5. Glucagon emergency kit;
  6. Urine ketone test strips;
  7. Unlimited number of used syringes when transported in Sharp disposal container or other similar hard-surface container.
  8. Sharps disposal containers or similar hard-surface disposal container for storing used syringes and test strips.


All medications in any form or type (for instance, pills, injectable, or homeopathic) and associated supplies (syringes, Sharps disposal container, pre-loaded syringes, jet injectors, pens, infusers, etc.) are allowed through the security checkpoint once they have been screened.

You must request a visual inspection before the screening process begins; otherwise your medications and supplies will undergo X-ray inspection.

If you would like to take advantage of this option, please have your medication and associated supplies separated from your other property in a separate pouch/bag when you approach the Security Officer at the walk-through metal detector.

Request the visual inspection and hand your medication pouch/bag to the Security Officer.

In order to prevent contamination or damage to medication and associated supplies and/or fragile medical materials, you will be asked at the security checkpoint to display, handle, and repack your own medication and associated supplies during the visual inspection process.

Any medication and/or associated supplies that cannot be cleared visually must be submitted for X-ray screening. If you refuse, you will not be permitted to carry your medications and related supplies into the sterile area.

Religious, Cultural, Or Ceremonial Items

Religious knives, swords and other objects, are not permitted through the security check point. We advise you to place such items in your checked baggage.


Explosive & Flammable Materials, Disabling Chemicals & Other Dangerous Items.

Explosive Materials

• Blasting Caps
• Dynamite
• Fireworks
• Flares (in any form)
• Hand Grenades
• Plastic Explosives
• Realistic Replicas of Explosives

Flammable Items

• Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities)
• Fuels (including cooking fuels & any flammable liquid fuel)
• Gasoline
• Gas Torches
• Lighter Fluid
• Flammable Paints
• Turpentine and Paint Thinner
• Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries
• Disabling Chemicals & Other Dangerous Items

Disabling Chemicals & Other Dangerous Items

• Chlorine for Pools and Spas
• Fire extinguishers and other compressed gas cylinders
• Liquid Bleach
• Spray Paint
• Spillable Batteries - except those in wheelchairs
• Tear Gas - Self Defense Sprays containing more than 2% by mass of Tear Gas (CS or CN).
• Vehicle Airbags

Guns & Firearms

• Compressed Air Guns (to include paintball markers) - Carried in checked luggage without compressed air cylinder attached.
• Firearms - firearms carried as checked baggage MUST be unloaded, packed in a locked hard-sided container, and declared to the airline at check-in.
• Flare Guns - May be carried as checked baggage MUST be unloaded, packed in a locked hard-sided container, and declared to the airline at check-in.
• Flares
• Gun Powder including black powder and percussion caps
• Parts of Guns and Firearms
• Pellet Guns
• Realistic Replicas of Firearms

Firearms must be unloaded and declared prior to security check.


ASF has been mandated by law to appropriately screen air travelers to ensure that certain items and persons prohibited from flying don’t board commercial airliners.


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